The following is a few of the most common questions and difficulties that customers have had and the some of the possible solutions to them.

1) (only for Credit card payments which we currrently dont do) My order doesn't seem to go through. I'm getting an error page that comes up after I hit the "submit" button to complete the checkout process.  

Your billing address for your credit card is different from your customer / ship to address. Solution: Edit your Billing address with the proper information. Please keep in mind that your billing information and 3 digit code must be correct to the letter for the order to go through. Many credit card processors have increased the level of address matching that must take place in order for an order to process successfully. Things such as abbreviations and characters should match what your bank / cc processor has on file for you. Also, try to use the Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari internet browsers. Furthermore, the fraud monitor on this site blocks all AOL IP's. If you use AOL, please use another ISP.

If you have created two separate accounts with the same email, this will also cause declines. If you need to have one or multiple accounts deleted, please email us and we will be happy to do it for you. Also, be sure to read the text on the error page when the order is declined. This can give helpful information as well.

2) Do you ship your peptides with cold packs?

Yes we do ship with cold packs and it's free of any extra charge

3) I am trying to set up an account but it keeps saying that the verification code that I type in is incorrect.

You may be using a browser that is too old. Please try a recent update of Firefox, Internet Explorer, orSafari.

4) I have sent an email with a question and have not received a response. 

Please see the "conditions of use" tab and read it's contents thoroughly.

5) I have placed an order and have not received a tracking number sent to me from the USPS auto-generated email system with my tracking information.

Search your spam and inbox folder for it first and foremost. Be sure to use "USPS" as your search criteria. You may email us for it and we'll email it back to you if there has been enough time duration since your order (more than 2 days). Also, please wait a full 48 hours after your order has been placed because the USPS auto-notify system is not instantaneous and can be a bit slow.

6) It's seems like a while and my order hasn't been delivered yet.

Check the delivery status via the USPS emailed tracking number. It was emailed to you via the email address that you provided during account setup or on your order. Please email us for your tracking information ONLY IF YOU HAVE SEARCHED your inbox and spam folder. Please keep in mind that USPS delivery speed has been effected by budget cuts from the US government. We do still ship as soon as we possibly can (within 24 hours aways with the exception of the weekends). The delivery times that USPS has changed, but our level of service has not.

7) (only for Credit card payments which we currrently dont do) I tried to make a purchase that did not go through yet my online bank statement shows that funds have been withdrawn.

The order that you tried to place may have not have gone through but your credit card has not been charged. However, your financial institution is showing a pending amount on your credit card statement. THIS IS NORMAL. This amount will drop off in 2 - 10 days according to the banking / credit institution's policy. PLEASE REMEMBER, It is only a "pending" charge, it will not go through. Also, this pending transaction is not done on our part. It is automatic on the part of the processors and banks. We have no say in the time duration or occurence of pending transactions.

8) My product has come with a treatment pump cap but there is no marking on the label indicating the amount that comes out.

It's roughly 5 pumps / ml. but this is an approximation and isn't very accurate. In fact, the treatment pump is not intended as a "metering device". This pump is intended only to get the material out of the bottle, that's it.

9) My product is colored, why is this?

The products are colored for ease of recognition during the research process which aids in lab safety. Some laboratories / researchers include material recognition methods in their research protocols and color coding works very well for this. Although seen as not necessary by some, most researchers prefer color coding systems and are pervasive in the laboratory environment.

10) Are your products flavored?

Absolutely not.

11) Do you sell low volume / "small molecule" research chemicals in powder form?

Absolutely not.

12) Do you sell solvents (Bacteriostatic Water)?

No, bacteriostatic is appears to be a prescribed only item in the USA.

13) I ordered clomiphene and it has the consistency of a gel and I cannot get it out of the bottle. What should be done?

This is normal for clomiphene. Place the bottle in a microwave for 5 second intervals until it liquifies. Do not go longer than 5 seconds. This will not harm the material in the least. The material will probably re-gel (again, this is normal for clomiphene). If / when this happens, repeat the above.

14) Are your peptides sold in liquid form or powder form?

The peptides are sold in Lyophilized powder form only as they should be. They are sold in this form out of absolute necessity. Once a peptide is reconstituted, the shelf-life shortens considerably. Reconstitution of the peptides is left for the qualified researcher to handle.

15) I have some technical questions having to do with lab procedure. Can help me?

No, we cannot. We are suppliers, not lab tech's. Please remember, all patrons of this website are expected to be, and have agreed through the checkout process that they are "qualified researchers".

16) Are the products sold here manufactured for human or animal use?

No, they are not. We cannot stress this point more. They are for laboratory testing purposes intended for in vitro usage only. Any usage of our products on humans or animals is a violation of federal law.

17) A peptide that I purchased recently appears to have less lyophilized powder in the vial in comparison to the others... Why is this?

During the shipping process, it is normal for the package to take some bumps. When this happens, the "lyophilized cake" is bumped against the wall of the vial and the cake (that has a sponge-like consistency) compresses somewhat. Also, the center vial in a pack tends to get the most compression due to the weight of the other two vials to it's sides. This gives the appearance of less material but it is only a physical change. If you were to weigh the contents exactly, you would find that they are virtually the same in weight.

18) All of the solid material has settled to the bottom of the research chemical that I ordered. Is it ruined?

No, it is fine. This is completely normal and only has to be stirred up again to get the solids back into suspension.

19) Are your products shipped from the USA?

Yes. We ship from Southern California.

20) Are your products sythesized in the USA or abroad?

Both. Our peptides are sythesized in the USA but many of our chemicals are manufactured abroad. They come from India, China, and various places in Europe.

21) Do you have an available coupon code for first time customers?

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for discount codes with site-wide sales for 20% off.

22) I have some very specific questions about the properties of your products. Can you answer them for me?

No. Beyond simple questions concering shelf life, ingredients, etc., we do not answer specific questions that go beyond the scope of our existence as "freelance research chemical suppliers". We are only suppliers and do not have the expertise to answer questions having to do with much beyond the aformentioned role. Also, please see #15 above.

23) I need to return a product. How may I do this?

We take returns as follows: Peptides must be returned sealed (vial caps in place) within 15 days of purchase. Chemicals must be returned 30 days from purchase sealed (shrinkwrap in place). A notification email must be sent to: and a print of the response from us agreeing to the return must be included. Please ship to: ViaFarm Ag, Inc. / Returns, 3419 Via Lido #195, Newport Beach, CA 92663.

24) I cannot remember or I lost my login and / or password to my account. Can you help?

Yes we can help you. Please email us at and we reset your password or remind you of your login email address as needed.

25) What credit cards do you accept?

At this time we only accept personal checks or money-orders.  Make checks or money-orders payable to: ViaFarm Research & Agricultural

26) Do you take any other forms of payment?

Not at this time.

27) I would like to participate in one of the 20% off holiday sales held by How do I get a code?

In order to get a 20% off code for one of our sales, you must be signed up for our newsletter. Please do this by setting up a customer account and selecting that you do want to be included in the newsletter when prompted.

28) I have a last minute order change that I would like to make. Is this possible?

It is possible but we do not guarantee that we can do it. We are able to do things like make changes to your shipping address, or perhaps subsitute or remove a product, but if the notification from you is beyond our shipping cutoff as it applies to your order, there is not a lot we can do. Once an order has been shipped we cannot change the address or any of the products within. Any product changes will have to be done by a separate order.

29) I have just realized that I want to cancel my order but it has already shipped. What can be done?

Just refuse delivery when it arrives. When that has been done, please email us at and let us know that it is coming back. We will issue you a refund less shipping when it gets back to us.

30) I want to split a combination product or A+B product. Can  this be done?

No. We do not split products from the way that they are offered in the catalog.

31) What are the basic ingredients in your liquid research chemicals?

In most instances there is vegetable glycerin, TiO2, Ethanol (in very small quantity), and a colorant. If your liquid research chemical is clear, this means that there is no TiO2 and no colorant.