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-I've done a lot of business with several other companies in your area of expertise. With that said, I can confidently say that Iron-Dragon is without a doubt, the most pleasurable experience I have had. My e-mails were responded to in hours (even those sent late at night), the product shipped and arrived only two days after ordering it (from CA to SC - wow!) and the product was extremely well packaged and protected. To top it all off, it looked professional and not like a toddler put it together. I say this assuredly, I will be doing all of my future business of this kind with you and will make sure others do as well. Thanks again. PS: Any chance you'll be carrying Toremifene Citrate at any point?  -GB  12-6-2008

-Thank you and your quick reply and help has 100% gained you a consistent and new client with many word of mouth referrals.  It's businesses that have great customer service like yours.  -VQ  12-4-2008

-Just wanted to send a quick note to you and tell you how pleased I was with your service and products.  Easy to use and navigate web site, good pricing and I had my order the next day as promised.  Thanks! After having been burned with so many other research chem companies (AG in particular) you are a pleasant surprise! Thanks again.  -JMG  1-2-2009

 -ID RULES! -DH 2-1-2009

-I want to thank for your quick response to this matter. The bulk Melanotan product that I received is the Best on the market, bar none. The cost is the best price on the Internet. You have outstanding products and no need for me to purchase from any other research site on the net. Thank You again/ Respectfully Submitted/ -GL 2-11-2009

I just wanted to take the time to email you that your products are well...Simply amazing. I am a kin major in college so i know quite a bit about [my studies] and have been around for awhile and I have never seen anything like this. This... is very potent. Thanks a lot Iron-Dragon. Will be doing lots of business. Sincerely, -LY 03-19-2009

Hello ID- Just to let you know every thing came in on Saturday (as you said), intact, nicely packaged, and professional. I will definitely be coming back to ID for my future orders. By the way you responded faster to my emails then my family members, and were very helpful with everything. Sincerely, -ALA 04-12-2009

I have been an Iron-Dragon customer for some time. I have tried several other companies and I have to be honest this company more than takes care of there customers... Once I got expired product and they immediatly recalled it and double replaced it and gave me back my shipping! Any company that [did not have] legit or good quality products would have just let it go but Iron-Dragon took care of it immediatly which shows excellent customer service. I have ordered from them several times and I am amazed with the research results we acquired with our Lab testing [during] our college experiment with MT-II, we tried several other [companies] (not going to name them) but all the major MT-II suppliers and Iron-Dragons is by FAR the BEST and strongest available MT-II on the planet. I want to thank Iron-Dragon for providing our company with the highest quality products and service known to man. Every order I make is sent out that day and I never have waited over the 3rd day from order and they always answer E-Mails within a couple hours not days like they say. I give this company and only this company TWO THUMBS UP!!! I would never trust another company and believe me EVERY PRODUCT on this web-sight is of highest purity and potency. I am and my company has wasted thousands of dollars on other companies and tested a small order with Iron-Dragon and now they have us for life. Word of wisdom: DO NOT GO ELSEWHERE you are in the right place!! They are having a barcode system which I just heard today is coming soon and will make logistics even better... Way to go guys! Thank you very much, we are very satisfied! -AJ 05-22-2009

Your service, email response time and product quality is awesome, puts the other guys to shame, my lab rats respond well.. I will be sure to pass on the good word to my fellow researchers... Thanks -JM 07-02-2009

Guys I just have to say how awesome your customer service/shipping is. I ordered some Tadalafil Monday at around noon and it was in my hands this morning. Stellar outfit you're running there. I've turned a bunch of colleagues on to your company as I don't run out of great things to say about you! Thanks again for your excellent service and product lines. -LR 08-19-2009

I just wanted to say that dealing with has been a very positive experience. [They have] top quality service and products. I will be using again in the future. Great job! -JD 09-24-2009

Just wanted to thank you for doing what you're supposed to in a world where that's no longer guaranteed. I ordered product... a couple days later it's in my hand. Just as it should be, no bs - refreshing. Job well done, you've earned my business the simple way. Thanks again Iron Dragon - ;-) -TSW 01-02-10

Just a note to potential customers of Iron Dragon. The company was recommended to me by a competitor who did not have the products I required. I contacted Iron Dragon and was provided a prompt response to my questions. I was nothing less than amazed at the speed of delivery. Packaging was excellent. Price is very competitive in the marketplace. In todays world it is rather tricky finding a reputable supplier of quality products. As I was referred to this supplier by a competitor with an excellent reputation the trust factor was never an issue. I wanted to share my positive experience so that those considering using Iron Dragon could have a good understanding of the quality of the company you are considering bringing your business. Best wishes.  -T 10-28-2012