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PGD2 Inhibitors

What is PGD2?


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 New To Catalog: Flibanserin

New low price... Thymosin Beta 4 / Qty: 4 vials only $89!

~PDG2 Inhibitors In Stock~

PGF2a Super-Agonist: D-Cloprostenol



Also in stock...

Cortexolone 17 alpha propionate

See description under: "Selective Anti-Androgens"


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  • Clen + Keto + Yohimbine

    Clen + Keto + Yohimbine

    Brand: Full Catalog Model:YK76 Availability: Out Stock
    Price: $89.00$99.00

    Combination special for clenbuterol 30ml, ketotifen fumarate 60ml, yohimbine HCL 30ml.

    Combination special for clenbuterol 30ml, ketotifen fumarate ...
  • Tamox / Clom / Anast

    Tamox / Clom / Anast

    Brand: Full Catalog Model:RW97 Availability: In Stock
    Price: $169.00$189.00

    Combination special for tamoxifen 60ml, clomiphene 60ml, and anastrozole 60ml.

    Combination special for tamoxifen 60ml, clomiphene 60ml, and ...

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